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If you have a website and your customers are the kind of customers that are interested in golf then you can start earning additional income by becoming one of our affiliates.

What is an affiliate programme?
An affiliate programme is essentially a joint venture where both parties earn money by combining resources. I have a product and you have customers…put the two together and sales are made. By becoming an affiliate you simply send your customers to my site via a special link that uniquely identifies you, once that customer purchases my book I credit you with a portion of the profits!!

It really is that simple, you get the benefit of another quality product to sell to your customer base without any of the disadvantages like credit card handling, fulfilment, customer service, returns, we handle all this for you…you simply advertise the product on your site, send the customer and we do the rest.

How much does it cost?
Our affiliate programme is absolutely free to join. Anyone with a website can join our program, however the more interested your customers are in golf the more sales and hence commission you will make.

How does it work?
Nothing could be simpler…once you have decided that my book would be of interest to your customers simply fill out the registration form by clicking here

It only takes a couple of minutes to verify your details and once your account is activated you can log in and retrieve your special linking code. You simply copy and paste the code from the sample adverts that we have created (or make your own ones up) into your web pages - and that's it!!

The link that you will be given will contain a special key that means we can identify which affiliate sent us the customer. A cookie is then placed on the user machine so that should they return to our site anytime within the next 6 months you will still get the credit.

Once a customer then purchases the book I check to see if they were sent from an affiliate, if they were that affiliates account is credited with a portion of the profits.

Every month we pay affiliates that have reached the payment threshold.

How do we pay our affiliates?
Once your account balance has reached $100 we pay you, payments are made at the end of every month and we have two separate ways of paying.

We recommend that you use your PayPal account to receive your commission as these payments are instant, no more waiting for cheques to arrive in the post. If you do not have a PayPal account it's really simple to sign up, just click here and we'll take you to the PayPal sign up page.

If you still prefer to be paid the old fashion way, we do still send out cheques by snail mail.

How much can I earn?
We pay a generous $10.00 for each and every sale that you make. Further more if you then invite a customer to join our affiliate programme (known as your 2nd tier affiliate) we then pay you $4 for every sale that your second tier affiliate makes.

The more customers that you send and the more interested they are in golf the more sales you should make, meaning more commission for you.

How do I keep track of my earnings?
We have a created a simple and easy to use affiliate administration tool especially designed with our affiliates in mind. You will be able to see instantly what you account balance is, how many customers you sent to our site, how many sales you made, what your sales ratio is and a whole host of other information relating to 2nd tier activity and transactions.

How do I send visitors to your site?
Once your account has been activated you are able to log into the affiliate administration portal. From here you can see the exact link that you should use to send customers to our site and the link to use to send potential 2nd tier affiliates.

Don't worry if you do not understand the coding as we have created a selection of text and banner adverts that you may use by simply copying and pasting the code directly into your website.

I hope that you will decide to become a part of my exciting affiliate programme and help me to promote my book, whilst at the same time making a tidy sum of money on the side.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me personally on

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