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1. A pocket book on chipping has just come onto the market. Do you…?
  Buy the book as it will fit neatly into your pocket and you can refer to it as you go round
  Not buy the book as you never buy anything like that
  Think it is a good idea but don’t buy the book
2. How often do you go to the range or practice area?
  Regularly to try and improve your game
  Infrequently, when things are going badly on the course
  Never, you only play on the course
3. The latest putter has just come onto the market and is meant to be guaranteed to knock at least 5 putts a round off your score. Do you…?
  Go straight out to buy it
  Try the new putter on numerous occasions before making a decision on whether or not to buy it
  Think it is a gimmick and carry on with your old putter
4. When you first started playing golf. Did you …?
  Take advice from friends that had been playing golf for years
  Have plenty of lessons with a professional and read everything you could find on golf
  Teach yourself
5. You are on a golfing holiday abroad and are offered one of the local caddies for a fee of £3. Do you…?
  Give the caddy £3 as you feel sorry for him but don't use him
  Say "Thanks but no thanks" as you are not a fan of caddies
  Pay £3 and take the caddie
6. You are on the 18th green and have a six foot downhill putt to achieve your first ever eagle but you need two putts to win your match against your friend. Do you…?
  Not worry about the eagle and try and two putt to win the match
  Have a good go at trying to hole for the eagle
  Panic and three putt!
7. You are on the 18th tee and you need a par to achieve your lowest ever round of golf. Do you…?
  Panic as you don't like being under pressure and make a bogey
  Not really think about it and make a par
  Embrace the pressure as it makes you perform better and make a birdie
8. You are on the fifth hole and playing really well. You have 200 yards for your second shot to clear the water hazard. You know you can clear it with a well struck 5 wood. Do you…?
  Hit a 5 iron, trying to get as close to the water as possible, leaving yourself a small pitch shot
  Hit a 7 iron so that there is no chance of you getting anywhere near the water
  Get your 5 wood out and have a go at clearing the water
9. You are playing in a competition and are having the worst round of your life. You have just lost your ball on the 11th hole and need to walk back to the tee to hit another one. Do you…?
  Walk back to the tee and hit another ball as you always complete your round
  Tell your playing partners that you're sorry but you have had enough and head off the course
  Not bother walking back to the tee therefore having a nil return but finish the remaining seven holes
10. You are playing in your golf club's monthly medal this weekend and have the first tee off time at 7.00 am. Do you?
  Arrive at the club half an hour before your tee off time, hit a few balls and have a bit of a putt.
  Rush into the car park one minute before the tee off time
  Get to the club half an hour before your tee off time to have a coffee and a chat with the members or the guys in the pro shop
11. You have agreed to play a friendly game of golf with your mates after a late night out. Do you…?
  Keep your own score as you are only interested in how well you do yourself
  Not bother keeping score as you are tired after your night out
  Keep everyone's score as you like to know how everyone has done
12. You have arranged to play golf with your friend but when you arrive at the course he or she phones you to cancel. Do you…?
  Pack your clubs away and go home
  Play on your own and use it as a good opportunity to practice your own game
  Wait around until you find someone to pair up with
13. You have just finished yet another round of golf over your handicap. Do you…?
  Go home and hope that your next round will be the start of your come back
  Make a decision to go down to the practice ground more until you work out what is going wrong
  Go into the pro shop and book yourself a lesson
14. Your local club has just changed it's teeing positions and has produced a new yardage chart. Do you…?
  Go down to the club to buy the yardage chart then go home and study it
  Not really care as you don't use yardage charts
  Buy the yardage chart but also go onto the course at a quiet time and pace the yardages out yourself to double check that it is accurate
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